Current Beneficiaries

Academic year 2018-19

In the current academic year 2018-19 we are supporting 12 young people spending over £28,000.

We paying the Postgraduate Bursary of £3000 to five students undertaking  their Masters programmes at a number of Universities.  Masters students are studying on a wide range of programmes: MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; MSc in Human Resource Management; MA Construction Project Management; MA Game Development; and an MA in Screenwriting. We also supported a student with their childcare cost studying MA in Education. Increasingly our support is is for postgraduate students.

We support two young people on undergraduate and postgraduate courses with childcare costs, and two others with travel costs. We are supporting one student doing an elective in New Zealand for her medical degree and another for a placement in Mauritius.

We continued to support Lauren McCauley on the fourth year of her Open University degree, BA Forensic Psychology. She is getting distinctions!