The Eve Brook Scholarship Fund (ebsf) supports young people, 16 to 25, who have been in care in Birmingham by giving them the opportunity to go to college or university.

The Fund is an independent charity that works closely with Birmingham City Council’s children’s services teams. The Fund was founded by Eve Brook, a former City councillor and Chair of Social Services, in 1998 shortly before her death from cancer. She was passionate about improving the chances of young people in care and celebrating their achievements – the EBSF aims to do just that.

Since its foundation, the Fund has given over 200 grants to young people studying everything from fashion, fine art and performance, to counselling as well as traditional university subjects such as English, maths, engineering, social work and law. Increasingly the Fund supports students on postgraduate courses providing them with a postgraduate bursary. The Fund has given small grants for artists’ materials, specialist clothing, field trips, musical instruments, travel, childcare, computers and software. In an average year we have spent around £20,000 on supporting 10 or so young people, mainly contributing to fees and materials  for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

All our funds come from individual donations, donations from other charities, sponsorship and fundraising events. We depend on the generosity of those that support us either through giving and/or though attendance at our regular fundraising events.

The Fund is keen to support young people who have been in care in Birmingham to access and succeed in higher education through scholarships, bursaries and one-off grants.

The Fund’s aim is to make our young people’s educational ambitions come true!



In 2018 the Eve Brook Scholarship Fund celebrated our Twentieth Anniversary. We had a very successful year and raised an extra £35,000 over the year. Please see the post under ‘News and Events’ for further information on how we managed to do so well.