Christmas Cards

Each year, the Fund’s Christmas card is designed by young people supported by the Fund. In our tenth anniversary year, we produced reproductions of our first nine Christmas cards, both as a box set and as a poster.

Our 2016 Christmas Card

Our very latest Christmas card is now available. It has been designed by, Kim Cormack, one of our beneficiaries who graduated with an MA in Classical Theatre and now works as an actor and has a vintage craft business too, at . To download the image, xmas-2016 

These high quality cards are priced at £1 each, £4 for 5 and £7 for 10.

If you would like to purchase this year’s Christmas card or a box set of the Fund’s previous Christmas cards, please contact John Rouse on (07968436680).

We also have some of our 2012 and 2013 and 2014 cards available. These are very reasonable priced at £0.50 each or £2 for 5 and £3.50 for 10. The excellent designs can be viewed here.  Christmas Card 2015; Christmas card 20142swirl; Christmas card 20141baubles   xmas 2013 FINAL; xmas2012FINAL