John Rouse

We are very sorry to announce that John Rouse, EBSF treasurer from 2009 to 2019, has died of cancer at the age of 75.

After a 38 year career at what is now Birmingham City University, John retired as Dean of the Faculty of Law, Humanities, Development and Society in 2008. Under the terms of Eve Brook’s will, one of the trustees of EBSF represents Moseley ward Labour Party, for whom Eve stood successfully as a city Councillor. After his retirement from BCU, John became that trustee and Treasurer of the Fund.

John was a tireless steward of EBSF’s finances, who not only kept the charity’s accounts in order (recorded on voluminous spread-sheets) but also dealt directly with beneficiaries and their universities. His own academic career qualified him to provide direct help and advice to many beneficiaries, and he presided over a considerable expansion of the Fund’s fundraising base, particularly from Trusts and Foundations. He was always particularly proud that, during his treasureship, 92% of funds raised went directly to care-leavers at university.

John’s retirement as Treasurer was marked by a dinner at the Kababish restaurant, Moseley, in February 2020, attended by Fund Trust members, supporters and beneficiaries. John was presented with a poster of the second decade of EBSF Christmas Cards, designed by Darren Elliott, signed by trustees and patrons.

Fund chair David Edgar said: “John knew Eve well and made an incomparable contribution to the working of her fund during over half its life. During his tenure, 125 young people received grants totalling £237,445. His commitment and energy were indefatigable, and his experience and wisdom were vital to the Fund. His friends in EBSF – including many beneficiaries – will miss him hugely”.

In addition to EBSF, John was a trustee of a number of Moseley charities and he was financial director of the Wenlock Poetry Festival from 2009 to 2012. . He leaves his wife Janis and their children George and Edie. Edie’s daughter Ella was born in June.