Who We’ve Helped

Since its formation the Fund has given over 350 grants to young people studying at University.

More recently:

Academic Year 2018-19

In 2018-19 we are supported 12 young people spending over £28,000.

We paid the Postgraduate Bursary of £3000 to five students undertaking their Masters programmes. Masters students are studying on a wide range of programmes: MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; MSc in Human Resource Management; MA Construction Project Management; MA Game Development; and an MA in Screenwriting. We also supported a student with their childcare cost studying MA in Education. Increasingly our support is  for postgraduate students.

We supported two young people on undergraduate and postgraduate courses with childcare costs, and two others with travel costs. We are supporting one student doing an elective in New Zealand for her medical degree and another for a placement in Mauritius. Both were very successful.

We continued to support Lauren McCauley on the fourth year of her Open University degree, BA Forensic Psychology. She is getting distinctions!

Academic Year 2017-18 

In the academic year 2017-18 we supported 16 young people spending over £20,000.

We paid the Postgraduate Bursary of £3000 to six students completing their Masters programmes during the 2017-18 academic year. Masters students were studying on a wide range of programmes: MSC Psychological Research Methods; MSC Sports and Exercise Medicine,; MA Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity; MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics; and MSc in Human Resource Management.

We supported two young people on undergraduate and postgraduate courses with childcare costs, and two others with travel costs.

We continued to support Lauren McCauley on the third year of her Open University degree, BA Forensic Psychology.

Academic year 2016-17

This year we supported the most young people we have ever supported in one year – 18 in total, with a record expenditure.

This was the first year of the new Postgraduate Loan. This enables postgraduate students to access a loan similar to that available to undergraduates. As a result the Fund will no longer need to pay the full fees for postgraduate studies but, instead, will provide a Postgraduate Bursary to the value of £3000 a year for eligible young people. We continue to work with Birmingham City Council to jointly support postgraduate students. It is encouraging that more care-leavers are not only undertaking undergraduate courses but, increasingly, postgraduate ones too
In its first year we have given out five bursaries:

We have given a bursary to Aisha Parveen, to undertake an LLM Law Masters Degree at Coventry University. She wants to specialise in family law, and her ambition is to work as a paralegal. In addition, we have given bursaries to a student undertaking an MSc in Sports and Exercise Management at Nottingham University; another studying for a one-year MSc in Occupational Psychology at Aston University; and another studying for an MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity at Birkbeck UOL. We are also paying fees for a student doing an MA in Social Work at London’s South Bank, who is ineligible for the student loan.

Small payments were made to a number of young people for, for example, extra tuition, childcare materials to support study, including books, and travel expenses.

We continued to support undergraduate students, including Latoya Darlington, now in the second year of a three year BSc in Social Work at Birmingham City University. For the first time, we are supporting a young person on an access course, Jade Beasley, at Coventry University College.

We continued to support Lauren McCauley on her OU course in Forensic Psychology  and Sadia Begum, completing her Masters course, with childcare.

Academic year 2015-16

In the financial year, 2015-16 we spent the most we have ever spent – a record £27,687, supporting 13 young people.

Gemelle Grant graduated with his MA Management from Northampton University. Samraj Singh entered the second year of his MA in Social Work and we paid his fees. We supported Lauren McCauley on her BSc Forensic Psychology degree course at the Open University  – our first OU student. We paid a major award to Sadia Begum, studying MSc in Health Care Policy and Management at Birmingham University, for support with childcare and travel expenses. We paid for Simon Peter on his first year on BSc Business Management course at Aston University.

Seven smaller grants were paid for such things as project support, purchase of art materials, cameras, travel costs and tuition for extra support.

Academic year 2014-15

We were delighted that Samson Daniel, who we have supported for three years, graduated with a First Class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Birmingham City University. Luke Fielding, after two years study, successfully graduated with an MA in Writing from BCU. Excellent results, well done!

We had a new postgraduate student, Samraj Singh, who started an MA in Social Work at Sheffield University. We are paying fees and Birmingham City Council is paying maintenance. This is the first example of a new arrangement with the City for joint funding of postgraduate students.

Fabio Balde continued with his studies at the MN Academy of Acting and Gemelle Grant continued with his MA Management at Northampton University.

We supported seven further young people with small grants: these included placement support course materials, travel expenses and short courses.

Academic year, 2013-14

We continued to support Luke Fielding and Samson Daniel (see below), now in his final undergraduate year. Luke will also complete his MA in Writing in the autumn. We are looking forward to a graduation event for Luke and Samson in October (details to follow).

We are supporting two new students this year.

  • Fabio Balde is undertaining a series of acting courses at the Infinity Drama School in London.
  • Gemelle Grant is studying for an MA in Management at the University of Northampton and we are paying his fees and contributing to some other course related expenses.

We also made two small grants to support the purchase of course based materials.

Academic year 2012-13

We supported Luke Fielding who is undertaking an MA in Writing at Birmingham City University. Luke studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, has exhibited his digital art and apintings, designed album covers, and self published a novel.

We continued to support Samson Daniel, originally from Erithea, reading mechanical engineering at BCU.

The Fund also supported a student undertaking a two-year Masters degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Warwick.